Unlikely point of departure for adventure travel

Farther Foundation just received a few photos from Jim, Director of the Road Less Traveled, a teen travel program provider. The Road Less Traveled offers Service Learning, Language and Service, Adventure Expeditions, Global Perspectives, Leadership Training and Family Service programs for students ages 13-19 and families in some of the most spectacular places on earth.

Service Learning with Road Less Traveled

Service Learning with Road Less Traveled

Usually when one thinks of points of departure for outdoor adventure the mind runs to cities in the West or in the mountainous and coastal areas of the Northeast. For exotic international excursions you think of departing from major coastal cities like New York and San Francisco.

Road Less Traveled however has its home in Chicago. I would never sell Chicago short; it’s been my home for most of my life. It’s a world class city with a diverse population and boasts a long and beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. But, we are a long haul from a mountain, an ocean or an international border.

RLT proves however, that where you come from is not as important as where you are going and what your expectations and aspirations are.

RLT says, “Global travel allows us to take ourselves out of our usual environment and see life from a different perspective. Removing ourselves from the comforts of the familiar provides the opportunity to explore not only the landscapes and wonders of the world, but also ourselves.”

Farther Foundation echoes, “Travel is singular in its ability to open the eyes and unbind the aspirations of students whose experiences rarely escape the boundaries of their own neighborhoods. Inspired by experience students become active and engaged learners, full of potential and more fully aware of the world and its opportunities.”

Taking a Bold Leap

Taking a Bold Leap

Farther Foundation is pleased to be providing a scholarship that will enable a most deserving student to travel to Hawaii with RLT this summer, where in addition to active outdoor adventures, the group will build homes with Habitat for Humanity and join native Hawaiians in ecosystem restoration. Our scholarship recipient, Paula has overcome economic disadvantages to become an eager and high achieving student a one of the most competitive high schools in Chicago.

When you leave home to travel, wherever your home might be, what are you hoping to learn, see or do that you could not do at home?

Go Farther!

Farther Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing scholarships to low-income students to inspire them to reach their highest aspirations through educational travel experiences. http://www.fartherfoundation.org.


About gofarther

David is the founder and director of Farther Foundation,a charitable scholarship organization. Farther Foundation enables students from economically disadvantaged circumstances to explore interests, expand horizons, gain inspiration and elevate aspirations for leadership and success. We do this by providing scholarships and support for students to participate in educational travel experiences that are significant and potentially life changing.
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