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Farther Foundation alumni in the news:

A recent story in the Chicago Tribune included news about three of our past scholarship recipients.

The story was a feature on one of our fine partnering organizations, HighSight. HighSight provides high school scholarships, academic support, mentoring and college counseling to deserving students in the Chicago area. They have had incredible success in inspiring and preparing young people for college education and life. HighSight considers summer enrichment travel experiences to be a key component of its program, and Farther Foundation has provided support for several HighSight students over the years.

The story mentions three HighSight students; two were recipients of Farther Foundation travel scholarships and one was the younger sister of a past recipient.

Michell is currently a high school senior and will be attending Vassar College next fall with a full scholarship. Last summer, with help from Farther Foundation, she traveled to Korea with AFS and participated in a program of cultural immersion and community service. Michell said of her opportunities through HighSight, “If it weren’t for this program, I wouldn’t have even known about Vassar, and I wouldn’t have gone to a school in New York. I probably would have stayed in the city.”

Ulises used his Farther Foundation Scholarship to spend six weeks on an AFS program in New Zealand studying ecology. He said that his experience helped him learn about career options that he didn’t even know existed. Ulises said his experiences, “helped me grow by challenging me and exposing me to new experiences.”

Finally, there is Odett, who’s older sister Brenda traveled to Japan with The Experiment in International Living with a Farther Foundation scholarship and is now attending Kalamazoo College. Odett said, “I wanted my sister’s experience”. This is how one student’s experience can inspire her family, her school and her community.

“HighSight helps students expand their perspective on the world,” said Maggie Caravello, the program’s personal development director. “Many of the students are reluctant to leave the city. HighSight helps broaden their horizons by giving them the chance to study abroad in countries including Thailand, New Zealand, Japan and Ghana.”

Farther Foundation is pleased to read about the success of our partner organizations and to see how the programs we offer and the students we support are held up as examples of what works to inspire eager and deserving young people to succeed.

Go Farther!

Farther Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing scholarships to low-income students to inspire them to reach their highest aspirations through educational travel experiences.


About gofarther

David is the founder and director of Farther Foundation,a charitable scholarship organization. Farther Foundation enables students from economically disadvantaged circumstances to explore interests, expand horizons, gain inspiration and elevate aspirations for leadership and success. We do this by providing scholarships and support for students to participate in educational travel experiences that are significant and potentially life changing.
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