Annual Report, 2017

Farther Foundation  Annual Report 2017


Mission & Vision

Salma studied marine biology in Mexico

Farther Foundation inspires greater motivation and achievement for students from at-risk populations through participation in unique educational travel experiences. Inspired by experience, students become active and engaged learners, full of potential and more fully aware of the world and its opportunities.

Our Education Partners

Daniel was referred to us by our partner, Evanston Scholars. Daniel spent his summer at Boston College

Education Partners are crucial to our process. They are schools and organizations that provide students with extra-curricular support (e.g. tutoring, mentoring, internships, extended school day, after-school programming, leadership training, and college preparatory activities).  Education Partners serve as a sponsor and partner for the student in the Farther Foundation application process.

Education Partners in 2017 included:

Noble Network
Evanston Scholars
Minds Matter
Link Unlimited
Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Phoenix Military Academy
The Art Institute
Pass With Flying Colors

Our Travel Program Providers

Sparkle travelled to Tanzania on a program led by Putney Student Travel

Educational travel opportunities are provided by established operators that lead programs designed to enable students to become immersed in new cultures and experiences, learn and develop skills, provide community service, cultivate leadership potential, and attain personal growth.

Travel Program Providers in 2017 Included:

Road Less Traveled
Putney Travel
Experiment in International Living
Brown University
Boston University
Junior Statesman Summer School
Projects Abroad
Global Leadership Adventures
Syracuse University
Harvard University
Stanford University
Tufts University
Emory University



 Grad cap-icon


Farther Foundation Students

Chicago Public School Students

100 %

High School Graduation


High School Graduation


College Enrollment


College Enrollment


in 4-year Colleges


in 4-year Colleges


College Persistence


College Persistence

Our Students:

  • 181 Students served
  • More than $440,000 in grants
  • Average family income: $30,300
  • Female: 61% Male: 39%
  • Latino: 54% African-American: 39%
  • Continents visited: 6
  • Countries visited: 32
  • States visited: 27
  • College summer programs: 27

So you’re a college freshman!

Farther Foundation programs provide experiences that prepare students for college challenges, from culture shock to increased demands of academic rigor. They have learned to be confident, resilient and resourceful in the face of novel and challenging environments. The proof is evident in their 96% college persistence rate.

We caught up recently for a conversation with a few of our program alumni who are currently college freshman.


Kayla provided community service in Panama with Farther Foundation and now attends Marquette University.

Jazmin studied neuro-science at Brown University with Farther Foundation and now attends Washington University in St. Louis.

David went on a service trip to Costa Rica with Farther Foundation and now attends the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Q: What has been the hardest thing about your college experience so far?

David: Preparing for my finals during the first semester. I had to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the exams and working on projects.

Jazmin: Not being able to see my family whenever I want because I have always been very close with them and the transition was a bit hard for all of us.

Kayla: Adjusting to the work and the free time. Using my time wisely was the hardest thing to do and it’s something I’m still working on.

Q: What has been the most exciting thing?

              Jazmin: Being able to take a wider range or classes and having more freedom in which ones to take because it’s allowed me to meet such a wide range of people.

David: Winning the intramural soccer championship during the fall. I randomly joined a team, made new friends, and I scored a goal in the final.

Kayla: Being able to try new things. I have made many friends from different backgrounds and we all try different foods, we visit different places throughout the city, and we do different things.

Q: What are some of the clubs or new activities you have joined or tried?

              Kayla: Habitat for Humanity, National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers and American Society of Civil Engineers.

              Jazmin: The rock climbing club, Association of Latin American Students, Synapse (which is a neuroscience club), and Strive (a tutoring/mentoring program).

              David: I have joined two intramural soccer clubs at UIC; I plan on joining more organizations and groups in the future and plan to try out for the men soccer team.

Q: What are the best and worst foods on campus?

              David: Although I don’t frequently eat food on campus, I do like the Sbarro and Subway, and I don’t necessarily dislike any of the food places the campus has to offer.

Kayla: The best food on campus would have to be a chicken caesar salad from one of the dining halls.

Jazmin: The stir fry or carvery is the best and the worst is the pasta (sometimes).

Financial Report 2017


Expense pie chart


  • Farther Foundation operates with no paid staff. We put nearly every dollar contributed directly into student scholarships.

Adrienne traveled to Nepal where she studied local medical systems and immersed herself in the culture

Board of Directors:

David Weindling, President
Susan J. White, Vice President
Griselda Garibay, Treasurer
Ruth Masters, Director
Laura Swartzbaugh, Director
Angelicca Telles, Director
Nancy Baker, Director
William Kling, Director
Maryanne Woo, Director
Rozelda Peterson, Director

Our Supporters

Farther Foundation is very grateful to acknowledge the support of the generous donors who believe in our mission and the potential of the students we serve.

Donors: January 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018
(#) equals years of giving


Advise Us Fund
Steven Aks & Julie Bokser (2)
Molly & Steven Allscheid (8)
Andrew Family Foundation (2)
Nancy Baker & Scott Epskamp (6)
Erika Baldonado
Karen & Mike Baldwin (4)
Tim Bannon & Cecelia Bacom
Peter & Tracy Barber (6)
Carol Barnett (6)
Elizabeth Berg
Joe Berton & Gloria Groom
Allison & Robert Blackwell (8)
Kristine Borrison (2)
Anne Bowhay & Jeff Hanneman (9)
Tracey Bradshaw (2)
Glenn Brown (3)
Leslie Brown
John & Patty Canar (9)
Astania Caputo
Amy Cardin & Steve Stentrom (6)
Peter Chiappinelli (3)
Andrew Christensen (7)
Classic Color
Matthew Claybour (7)
Kelly & Anna Clissold
Carrie & Matt Cotter (3)
Melissa Coughlin & Michael Lee (5)
Ann Courter & Norman Hirsch (9)
Allison Cowett & David Adams (6)
Mike Cramer & Harlene Ellin (9)
Susan Crothers & Bill Gee (2)
Gary Cuneen (7)
Emily Dagostino & Sean Flynn (3)
Kim Dell’Angela
Kathleen Doyle (3)
Amy Dreisbach & Josh Stein (4)
Rick Easty & Patty Inman (4)
David Fink (3)
Jack Flynn (8)
Matt & Molly Galo (6)
Griselda Garibay & Hector Sobrevilla (8)
Chris Gentry (7)
Byron Gin & Patty Jenkins (7)
Mary Godlewski (4)
Francine Gordon
Maralee Gordon
Paul Goyette & Carolyn Goldbeck (2)
Jeff Hall (7)
JH Design
Gretchen & Brian Hameister (9)
Todd Hansen
Jim Haptonstahl (6)
Keith & Cristy Harris (9)
Denise & John Hauser (3)
Barry Hehemann (5)
Gordon Hellwig & Amy Goodman (3)
Andy & Elizabeth Hibel (9)
Neil Hirshman
Christa Hoen
Jane Hoffman (5)
Craig & Susan Howard
Tracy Irwin & Maria Pyra (9)
Henry Izaguirre (4)
Stuart Jamieson
Elizabeth Johnson (2)
Laura Jordahl (4)
Rebecca Kaegi (4)
Joni Kalstrup (2)
Suzanne Kanter (3)
William Kling (3)
Pat & Paul Koko (8)
Rachel Kraft (5)
Susan Krout
Daniel Laino
Jonathan & Julie Laney (8)
Roberta Raymond Larson (8)
Kristen & Kevin Lee (4)
Janet Levitt & Karen Olin (10)
Jeannette Levitt (9)
Michael & Shirley Levitt (3)
Susan Lucci (2)
Leslie & Chip Lyon (6)
Julie & Paul Mann (2)
Ruth Masters & Loren Williams (10)
Howard & Renee Masters (5)
Amy McCormack (4)
Todd McDermott & Mira Hinman (9)
Rebecca McFall & Barrett Buss (2)
Jeninne McGee (7)
Guy Medaglia
Pam & Charlie Meyerson (4)
Christopher & Amanda Miller (4)
Julie Moller (2)
Kathleen Morales
Eden Mutchnik
Network for Good
Carolyn Newberry & David Schwartz (7)
Nancy & Joe Norton (7)
Bob & Amy Ochi (8)
Pat Olesen (6)
Elliott Olsen (7)
Michael O’Shea (2)
MaryKate Oriatti & Gary Owens (9)
Lanny & Terry Passaro (10)
Libby & Michael Paul (4)
PayPal Giving Fund
Nadine Peacock (4)
Morgan Pearsall (7)
Rozelda Peterson (4)
Renee Pitra (3)
Steven & Deb Poe
Edward & Sheila Pont (7)
Ronald & Irene Probstein (7)
Lise Revers (6)
Ann & Terry Roach (2)
Nina Ricci & Daniel Halvorsen (8)
Jim & Kathy Rolfes (9)
Brian & Laura Roman (6)
Diana Rosenbrock (6)
Mike & Linda Ryan (2)
Glenn & Sandra Sameshima (6)
Jill Sapoznick (3)
Abby Schmelling (2)
Ken Schmetterer (7)
Lynda Schueler (7)
Jody Schwartz (3)
Edward Schmitt (2)
Mark & Evelyn Segal (4)
She-She Home and Jewelry
Jason Sherman & Victoria Storm (5)
Bill & Erika Shorney (8)
Bob & Inga Simitz
Katie & Jim Slivovsky
Matt Soble (2)
Carollina Song & Alex Harris (8)
Lisa & Eric Sorensen (3)
Mike Sprintz (2)
Robin Steans (3)
Paul Stephanides (4)
Maura & Gary Stockman (4)
Bill Streit
Rebecca Streit (2)
Laura Swartzbaugh (5)
Marc Swartzbaugh (4)
Deb & Romulo Tamondong (6)
Angelicca Telles (3)
James Thompson & Sue Rodkin (9)
Graham Tierney
Haldis Toppen (3)
Rick Tsuru (2)
Robert & Vickie Tucker (7)
Tom Turk
Sheryl Vias
Suzan Von Lengerke (5)
Cindy & Stephen Von Oehsen (5)
Cameron Watkins
Kirk & Angie Weidner (10)
David Weindling & Sherry Nordstrom (10)
Jacob Weindling
Sandi Weindling & Mike Murray (8)
Susan Weindling (10)
Winona Weindling (2)
Angela West Blank (8)
Susan White (10)
Joan White (3)
Leon & Ellen Williams (5)
Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co.
Maryanne Woo
Wrigley Company Foundation
Jim Wyant (5)
Stephen Young (2)
Maura & Steve Zeller (4)
Rich & Tracy Zurawski (5)

Support our Students


Farther Foundation
223 S. Elmwood Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302

Farther Foundation is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.


About gofarther

David is the founder and director of Farther Foundation,a charitable scholarship organization. Farther Foundation enables students from economically disadvantaged circumstances to explore interests, expand horizons, gain inspiration and elevate aspirations for leadership and success. We do this by providing scholarships and support for students to participate in educational travel experiences that are significant and potentially life changing.
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